The students are exposed to rural areas and urban areas as prescribed by INC syllabus.Students will be posted in 7 different hospital for the privilege of serving the people of all walks of life especially from the employed & weaker section. Such hospitals will be specialised in different departments inclusive of Paediatrics, Maternity, Psychiatry and medical Surgical.

The clinical laboratory is fully equipped to conduct several biochemical, haematological and microbiological investigations. The anatomy and physiology lab is well equipped with sufficient models, arts, specimens and all other equipment. The Nursing Arts lab is pledged with Dummies, Models, Charts and all equipment needed for the students learning. The community and Nutrition labs are also well equipped with all facilities.

In view of the main aim of education as the total development of the person, a number of opportunities are provided for the students to develop their skill and talents as various levels such as Educational Tour, Yoga, Music, Dance, Indoor and Outdoor games and sports, hostel day, Picnics etc., are organised to enhance social interaction and participation of friendly competitive attitude. Students are encouraged to make use of these facilities. Picnics and excursions are arranged by the class Co-Ordinator with the Principal’s guidance.

In view of the hard work and effort expected to be put in by the students of the programme, provision has been made to have a well-equipped college library resources. The books can be checked out for a period of 2 weeks. The books have to be returned promptly on or before the due date. They should be handled with care. The books assigned to the “reference” section of the library, should not be taken out. Students should not underline or make any mark in the books to ensure good care. Library will be closed at 6 p.m. sharp.

The College will provide uniform after collection of uniform fees from the students. The candidates are expected to have 2-3 set of prescribed uniforms, when in uniform no form of jewellery must be put up and no use of nail polish is allowed. They are expected to be in clean uniform always. Students are also expected to purchase the prescribed text books and record books at the time of admission.

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